The Food Bank Gives Thanks for Support

We are so thankful for the incredible community support we have received and continue to receive through generous funding and food donations during this critical time of need.

And, people haven’t just share their money with us; they/ve also donated their precious time collecting and distributing food on our behalf. We want to also recognize all the volunteers who have organized food and fund drives within their businesses, schools, faith communities, neighborhoods and service clubs.

We wouldn’t be able to process all the incoming food and serve the hundreds of people we currently are if we didn’t have our invaluable volunteers.

We would also like to recognize the value of working with our partner agencies such as Meals on Wheels. We share the common goal of providing assistance to people in need within our community. Collectively, we are able to serve more people.

We appreciate our committed Board of Directors that gives their valuable time and expertise every year. These community volunteers are dedicated to the Food Bank’s mission of leading the fight to end hunger every day.

If you have ever donated a single can of food, made a financial donation of any kind, volunteered your time, attended an event of ours … We thank you. It may seem like a small act to you, but to someone else it can be the difference between food on their table or skipping another meal.

Interested in ways you can assist? Email us.

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