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Our Network or Non-Profit Social Service Food Distributor Partners

The Cayman Food Bank relies on its member organisations- more commonly called network partners or non-profit social service food distributors – to distribute food directly to those in need. With more than 10 distribution partners – ranging from pantries and shelters to faith-based organisations and schools – the food bank is able to get food into the hands of hungry families quickly and efficiently. 

Our Referring Partners 

The Cayman Food Bank also relies on its referring partners who put us in direct contact with those in need so we are able to help get them the food they need while awaiting further assistance. 

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 We're looking for dynamic volunteers to coordinate and recruit fundraising teams, leverage community support, plan activities and help our great cause!



Pledge an online donation to help our organisation provide healthy food and resources to vulnerable children, families, and the elderly. 


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It's quick and easy to get help from the Cayman Food Bank. All you have to do is complete our simple registration form using the link below... 

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