No Child Should Ever Go Hungry…

In these uncertain times, please consider those in the community who may not be in a position to help themselves. We are running extremely low on supplies and need your help.

We have a large number of clients who rely on us, and in the current situation a growing number of families and children who need us now more than ever. This includes many school children who would have received meals at school who are now relying on us (and other community partners) for their daily meal.

A list of suggested items below. Items can be dropped off at:

1. Warehouse 51 Sleepy Hollow, Unit 11.

2. First Assembly of God – 195 Old Crewe Rd.

Drop offs from 10-5pm M-F. You can also phone in as well:

Marie Eden 916-8006 Phillip Hyre 926-6111

Monetary donations are also needed and appreciated.

Cayman National Bank KYD account # 01115055 The Good Samaritan Food Bank

Thank you in advance! We greatly appreciate your support.

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