About Cayman Food Bank

The Cayman Food Bank is a core hunger-relief organisation comprised of programs such as the island’s central Food Bank, Meal and Foodstuff Delivery, and Wellness and Sustainability Education. We will strive to help feed the most vulnerable populations – children, families and seniors.  Working together with our network partners to efficiently and effectively fight hunger, our multi-tiered approach and comprehensive programs are dedicated to nourishing the community while empowering lives.  

The Cayman Food Bank distributes food to local network partners also know as non-profit social service organisations and these organisations serve:

  • Local children who need a nutritional foundation to learn and grow
  • Local families struggling to make ends meet and provide for themselves
  • Senior and homebound neighbors who need nutritious meals and services for health and independence

Our Mission

We have launched the first Food Bank organisation in the Cayman Islands to mitigate island-wide hunger, malnutrition and poverty by providing access to good, healthy food through gathering and distributing food donations to network partners or non-profit social organisations including various food counters serving the critical needs of low-income families and seniors living in all districts with little to no cost to the recipients.

Our Values

We believe that access to nutritious food is a basic human right and we are committed to responding to the needs of our community through food distribution and support services. Therefore:  

  • We value respect, compassion, and honesty in all interactions and activities
  • We value active listening and learning; appreciating the worth and diversity of each person
  • We value leadership, staff and volunteers and their diverse talents, backgrounds, passions, and commitment to the community 
  • We value nutrition education and advocacy programs that lead towards self sufficiency and sustainable food systems
  • We value the wise use of resources, creating new ways to improve our services and effectively utilizing community support that sustains our work
  • We value creativity in pursuit of social justice

Our Vision

We envision alleviating hunger and it’s root cause in our community. At the hand of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we are fully committed to:

  • Executing our core responsibility of food distribution through a strong and viable network of donors and volunteers
  • Educating the community about the nature of – and long term solutions for hunger and poverty through development and wellness programs
  • Advocating for a brighter future for those who are less fortunate
  • Reducing food waste by working with food donors and refining receiving and distribution processes

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